Associational Missionary

Nick Catrow

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Our Associational Missionary (also called the Director of Missions) is the Pastor to the Pastors in our Association.  He is also an advisor to our churches and committees.  He coordinates activities at our camp and supervises all paid employees.  He is a very knowledgeable person and is here to help not only our church members, but those in the community.  He is a retired Army Reserve Chaplain and retired from the State of Missouri.  He and his wife enjoy riding their Harley trike together.  He can perform Gospel magic (illusions), teach, preach, and counsel.  We are honored to have him as our Associational Missionary.

Ministry Assistant

Jan Bramham

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She is our newest employee.  She serves as the Ministry Assistant to the Associational Missionary (Director of Missions).  Her duties include serving as the Associational Clerk, Associational Treasurer, and Office Receptionist.  Her years of experience in public service and bookkeeping are tremendously valuable to our Association.  She is available to assist any of the churches in our Association with administrative guidance and support.  She is also able to assist our churches with not only filling out but filing their Annual Church Profile (ACP) via computer entry.  We are honored to have her as part of our staff.

Maintenance Man

JD Cato


As our maintenance man, he is responsible for all the buildings and grounds of our Association and camp.  His years of experience as a contractor and construction worker is a valuable asset our Association is privileged to have.  He keeps our equipment running, providing periodic maintenance on the equipment and also keeps our indoor pool operational.  He is a very hard-working member of our Associational staff.  We are extremely honored to have him as an employee.

  September 2020  
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